ATAT Racing Team Dominates the Philippine National Superbike Championship 2014

ATAT and Ducati Philippines

I ‘m a big fan of big bikes and wants to ride to one of that bikes someday but I’m afraid I can’t since I don’t know how to use it. But the good thing is my husband owns a motorcycle not a big bike 🙂 The difference is big bikes like in this event have big wheels and with awesome designs unlike in the typical motorcycle.


Watched the event and thrilled with the noise of the crowd! This is my first time watched a racing event at this close.

Congratulations to the ATAT Racing Team who participated at the Philippine Super bike Champion at Clark International Speedway, Pampanga and dominates the competition.

Here are the list of winners from the ATAT Racing Team

Overall Ranking

Lawrence Macalinao – Pirelli Cup Open Division 1Runner up Overall, Ducati Cup Novice 1st Runner Up
Jay Carrion – Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate.
Jevis Aguila – Pirelli Cup Open Division Champion
Myke Torres – Pirelli Cup Class B Champion
Vince Mercado – Ducati Cup Open Division Runner Up.
JC Villanueva – Pirelli Cup Class A Runner Up
Richard Panlilio – Ducati Cup Intermediate 2nd Runner Up

Open Category

  • Jevis Aguila  – 1st place
  • Jay Carrion – 2nd place
  • Vince Mercado – 6th place
  • Lawrence Macalinao – 7th place

Category A

  • JC Villanueva won the title
  • Richard Panlilio –  7th place.

Category B

  • Mervil Pullon
  • Myke Torres at the 4th place

In this event ATAT won with 9 trophies in different categories.


This is the gear from one of the ATAT Racing Team. Nice racing shoes with a 4 kilos heavy suit that you wore in the entire race. In this alone, I can’t wear it 🙂

My over all experience with the ATAT Racing Team is fabulous and hoping to have more events with them in the near future. Thank you Ms. Cherry Burwell for the invite and happy to working with some of my blogger friends.



Stolen shot with my blogger friends and the ATAT Racing Team 🙂


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