Different Kinds of Commercial Freezers

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If you run a restaurant, you will certainly need a commercial freezer to preserve food and ingredients until they are served to customers. However, there are many different freezers on the market to choose some.

Some may be better suited to certain businesses than others. To help, below is an overview of a few of the different kinds of freezers you can purchase for your business.

Chest Freezer

A chest freezer is a freezer in the shape of a large rectangular box with a lid that opens upwards like a chest. Chest freezers are some of the least expensive commercial freezers on the market. However, they also don’t hold a lot of food. If you run a food service business that doesn’t require a lot of different ingredients, like a quick service restaurant for example, a chest freezer may be adequate for your needs.

Upright Freezer


Upright freezers are similar in function to chest freezers. However, instead of having a lid that opens from the top, an upright freezer has a door that can be opened from the front. Chest freezers can also be purchased as rather small models to much larger depending on a business’s needs.

Drawer Freezer

Third, there are drawer freezers. These freezers are usually larger than chest and upright freezers. They include several levels of drawers that can be pulled out so that the chef or cook can retrieve certain ingredients. They are usually made out of stainless steel and are about the height of a cabinet, making them easy to install into kitchen without much work. The finished top of a drawer freezer can also serve as an extra table top.

Walk-In Freezer

Another popular choice are walk-in freezers. This is a freezer so large that person must open a door and walk inside it to retrieve the food items they want. Walk-in freezers are good for restaurants that need to keep a good amount and variety of ingredients on hand at all times. While they allow a restaurant to freeze and store all the ingredients they will ever need, they are also far more expensive to purchase and will produce far higher electricity bills to maintain the appropriate freezing temperatures.

Outdoor Walk-In Freezer

There are also a few different varieties of commercial walk-in freezers. One of these is the outdoor walk-in freezer. This involves the metal box and the all the equipment for the freezer to operate being placed outdoors. This has certain advantages. For one, it will not take up any floor space inside a restaurant and kitchen. The refrigerant lines of the cooler will also not need to be run through the building, which can be a hassle.


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