Investing is EASY now! All you need is your Selfie and Php 100.

When I learned that Sun Life Philippines is having new innovation of investing our money for as low as Php 100; I was shocked but impressed how they will get that idea. But for the trends nowadays, it will be easy as even millennials are into mutual fund and stocks right now – especially insurance.

How you can start investing?

• All you need to do is open an account online thru the website or in their mobile app.
• Once you sign up, just add your selfie so your face will be register.
Now, you can invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund which yielded at 3.8% net. (As per discussion at the Sun Life Market Outlook for 2020.)

I also invested with Sun Life Philippines for my insurance together with my family. Portion for bonds and mutual funds. You may not be able to see the value of having an insurance right now but maybe tomorrow or in few more months or years.

At the recently concluded Sun Life Market Outlook for 2020; they presented the trends and struggles and what’s waiting for us for the upcoming year. As they presented at the SLAMCI’s Market Outlook – it will significantly improve in the coming year.

“After reviewing the fundamentals, we are confident that the economy is set to significantly improve in the coming year. While we can still expect challenges along the way these should be tolerable and may be balanced by the positive developments.” – Sun Life Chief Investments Officer Michael Enriquez said.

“While inflation fell to a low of 0.8% in October 2019, we expect prices to slowly inch up as we foresee the year 2020 inflation at 2.4%. This figure is much lower than 2018 inflation of 5.21%”, Enrique added.

One of the current market drivers they forsee is the range for the USD vs. Peso of Php 50.70 to Php 52.50 and in year 2020 approximately Php 52.00.
Also, “a potential US recession next year. But we still maintain that this recession will be short and mild” – Sun Life Chief Investments Officer Michael Enriquez said.

Since, money matters to us – this investing part will be a positive outcome since we will see the growth of our investment. Not just for today but for the upcoming years.

For a brighter future, talk to your Sun Life Advisor today.

To know more information about Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI); their website at or


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