Supershell: Adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams


Artwork by Mr. ©Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Iconic Superstar model Pharrell is back after the success of Supercolor and now with the new concept – Supershell.


Pharrell has collaborated with friends and creatives from around the world to bring a new chapter of the Superstar to life. Supershell brings art and creativity to the Superstar like never before.

The Superstar’s Shelltoe comes alive with signature graphic artworks and designs from NYC contemporary artist Todd James, American photographer-director Cass Bird and contemporary Japanese artist Mr. The artists’ designs are then joined by six of Pharrell’s very own artworks that explore life force and energy and its relationship with colour.


With a limited release and exclusive artworks for different regions around the globe, the footwear is offered in black and white colourways, allowing the vibrant artworks to take center stage.

In addition to the concept: each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment allowing the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, forming yet another opportunity for creative expression by the wearer themselves.

Adidas Supershell

Some of the artworks includes the molded 3D Shelltoe designs, a first for the Superstar silhouette. The series is then completed by two of Pharrell’s own personal designs, which speak of his interest in the concept of relativity.

From a shoe that spans art and culture to a platform for expression itself, the Supershell Sculpted Collection brings the Superstar to its ultimate artistic mode.

Originals Supershell launching globally this August 7 (Friday).

Price Points

Graphic Design – Php4,995
Molded Design – Php5,495

Available Designs in the Philippines

  • Tod​d James (white molded) – Sole Academy Exclusive
  • Pharrell (white molded) – Sole Academy Exclusive
  • Todd James (black graphic)
  • MR (black graphic)
  • Pharrell (black graphic)
  • Todd James (black molded)
  • MR (black molded)
  • Pharrell (black molded)
  • Todd James (white graphic)
  • MR (white graphic)
  • Pharrell (white graphic)

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14 thoughts on “Supershell: Adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams

  1. Nice designs! I haven’t seen any from my latest trip to Adidas store. I don’t really buy shoes, my husband is the one buying for me.. hehe. I’ll share this link to him, maybe he’ll buy me one!

  2. Those are really cute shoes. My eyes get drawn to the design of the inner sole. I would like to have the white ones with space and time design. 😉 When will it be in the country?

  3. Cool designs, timely for the youth of today. I am an Adidas fun and it never cease to amaze me how Adidas fuse the classic and modern designs. I’ve got to hit the mall to see and have a hand in one of these kicks.

  4. Cute, colorful and nice modern design shoes by ADIDAS. This is very cool especially if my daughters wear this shoes, really comfy to wear, true to size!

  5. These designs are really so great because they look so basic yet too the design of the character makes it cute. 🙂 I would want to wear one to express my funky side. 🙂

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