THROTTLE PHILIPPINES: Launched First App-based Interactive Motoring Magazine

Throttle Philippines launching

Last week, I’m happy to witnessed the launching of Throttle Philippines, the first mobile application based interactive motoring magazine in the Philippines at TreeHouse, A Venue Mall in Makati City. This app is proudly developed by an all-Filipino team and built to give Filipinos everywhere a fast and easy access to the latest news and updates in the motoring industry.

Throttle Philippines

Our team came out with Throttle Philippines because there is clearly a distribution challenge preventing good materials from reaching more readers.

The motorcycle industry is growing very fast in the Philippines. We believe it will continue to grow and that saturation is still very far from happening. – Nelby Oquendo, Marketing Manager for Throttle Philippines.

Philippines is the fastest growing smartphone market in the region and Throttle Philippines advocacy is to provide free information to the public where there are about 18 free apps being installed every day, among them are 4 paid apps on an average. So why not grab this opportunity to have this free app in your mobile phones.

Throttle Philippine Mobile App

Throttle Philippines will be published monthly, with 12 issues a year. Throttle Philippines’ maiden issue coming out this August.

It will feature 11 sections that promises:

  • easy-to-read features
  • covering well-known motorcyclists
  • local and international motorcycling events
  • safety riding tips
  • motorcycle fashion pictorials
  • latest top-of-the-line gadget reviews and upgrades
  • featuring exciting ride destinationsthe shelves.

Throttle Philippines app can be downloaded FREE and available on both iOS (Apple) devices and Android devices and the content is fully functional offline. Check out this mobile app now!

Throttle Philippines is a brainchild of The Omnichannel Inc, the reliable partner in Integrated Marketing and Technology Solutions. The  is an industry-focused service partner with real understanding of marketing and strategic communication in a digital and multi-channel environment.



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