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Why Custom T-Shirts Are So Popular?

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Custom T shirts never lose popularity. These custom shirts are worn by people of all ages. They are fun, humorous and novel ways to let the creative spirit roam free.

Musicians are big investors in these custom shirts. They are emblazoned with their band names or the name of the band whose music influences their music most. These shirts are also used as souvenirs at music concerts, sporting, civic and charity events, fairs and festivals.

Design a Custom Shirt Designing

A custom shirt is quite a simple matter. If artistic or graphical design is not a skill or talent, there are many custom shirt designers who can turn design ideas into a work of art.

Virtually any design or artwork can be transformed into custom designed shirts. The process of transferring a design onto fabric is relatively simple. The process can be done by using a hot iron to transfer the design from a template to the fabric.

Professional custom shirt manufacturers use the screen printing method to push ink through a meshed, metal screen to create designs. Ink fills holes in the mesh. Then when it is wiped away, it produces patterns and/or designs.

Screen printing of custom shirts generally lasts through many launderings. Designs that are ironed on eventually fade or begin to wear. The technique of screen printing produces a more indelible design. The template from which “iron on” designs are made is usually a less dense substrate than those used in screen printing.

Features of Custom Designed Shirts

It’s best to choose an experienced design printer to create the template. Discuss the colors and any other specific details that make it easier for the designer to understand the purpose of the shirt. Also, choose the type of fabric for the custom shirt to ensure its comfort and fit. Businesses and other organizations prefer to provide a copy of the logo and any additional design ideas.

The main features of custom shirts include:

  • Type and quality of fabric
  • Colors of shirt and designs and patterns
  • Choice of ink Colors for printing
  • Size

The type and quality of the fabric matters since apparel is subjected to frequent laundering and should be long wearing. The colors of the shirt and designs and patterns should be clearly indicated to the printer of the template. Colors should contrast or coordinate for color balance. The choice of ink colors for special logos and tag lines printed on shirts should also be discussed. The ink should be high quality and prevent bleed during laundering. The size of custom shirts determined how comfortable the shirt will be. Note that some fabrics chosen shrink. Check the percentage of fabric shrinkage.


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