Mrs. Melinda Medallo: One of Ulirang Ina Awardees 2016

We celebrate every occasions in our lives and one of them is Mother’s Day. As we praises and give gifts to our loving mothers; we also thank them for the lives they’ve given to us. As Ulirang Ina Ama Awards Foundation, Inc. presented this 23rd Ulirang Ina Awards happened yesterday (May 09, 2016) at the Centennial Hall of Manila Hotel and awarded prestigious mothers in their field of excellence.

Melinda Medallo

I’ve met Mrs. Melinda Medallo, one of the Ulirang Ina Awardees 2016 in the field of Business and Industry sector together with her husband at the said event. In the interview, Mrs. Medallo said that if you will become a mother; you will give everything to your family, to your children – not half of your life but “everything”.

She inherit her traits for being a superwoman from her mother where she has 10 siblings. Her mother take care of them when they are young and also being a teacher to them. And this is also the traits she teaches to her own children today.

All of her children are successful now and despite the age she still manage their family business. I agree that age is just a number and if you want to  be successful in life; do everything you can do whatever the outcome.

Here is Mrs. Melinda Medallo thoughts on being a mother and being a wife.

Ulirang Ina Awardees 2016
Some of the Awardees for the 23rd Ulirang Ina Awards


23rd Ulirang Ina Awards in Manila Hotel
Here are the list of the awardees for the 23rd Ulirang Ina Awards in Manila Hotel.

To all the awardees, we salute you all! Not just being a mother but a good example to all.

Happy Mother’s Day to All 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Mrs. Melinda Medallo: One of Ulirang Ina Awardees 2016

  • I couldn’t understand what she was saying in the video. However she looks very sweet and caring and warm as a person. Having 10 siblings is a big family and you will get educated for raising them, for sure. Growing up in groups is general very healthy and exciting I believe.

    • Hi Sabine, she is speaking in Filipino / Tagalog that is why you don’t understand.
      Thank you 🙂

  • My salute and admiration to the awardees. Being awarded as such is a great honor to the family as well.

  • What an inspiring person Ms. Medallo is! I can’t imagine being a mother and running a business at the same time! Having ten siblings is pretty extraordinary too. My mother raised me on her own and held a full time job. I still don’t know how she did it, but I am so proud of her!

  • I completely support awards given for mothers, and ulirang ina is one of them. It is not only a celebration of being a mother and being successful in her chosen field, but more also for serving as an inspiration to others.

  • We should have more award winning body that will give honor to outstanding mothers. Regardless, our show of love and respect to our mothers and others could be enough to give them honor. Congratulations to all the winners and you may serve as an inspiration to everyone 🙂

  • I love to support the awards given for mothers, I love how people recognize the effort of our Mother’s. Congratulations to all the mom’s out there for a wonderful job well done. 😀 I salute you all :*

  • Congratulations to all the awardees! It’s nice that we have such awards for outstanding mothers. Hoping that more mothers will be given recognition for they are our real superwomen!

  • Such an inspiration for millenials. Managing your career and being a mom at the same time might sound normal but it definitely is hard. Not that i experienced it already but i can see it with my mother. Good thing is there are this kind of awards that give recognition to the most outstanding women/mothers out there 🙂

  • Congratulations to Ms. Melinda for being awarded with his prize. I believe motherhood is the greatest job in the world. We make a better world because of good mothers.

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