3 Things to Expect at Ruins Food Park Makati

This coming May 4, 2017, Ruins Food Park will be launch located in Yakitori Daitokyo Site (Along Metropolitan Avenue, Makati). It’s where your favorite mobile food vehicles will be parked together for the happy hour.

Ruins Food ParkHere are 3 things to expect at Ruins Food Park.

1. Variety of food.- Since there will be different companies participating, expect choices and options. We have noodles, bbq, pizza and of course, different drinks for this humid and summer season.

2. Good Music. – Ruins Food Park is part of Yakitori Daitokyo where we played different bands and singers occasionally. Meet them and there’s a jamming session, enjoy the music with your Barkada.

3. Relaxation at its finest.- This is the happy hour after work. Invite your colleagues and friends to dine in the most affordable way possible.

When it comes to eating out, variety is the spice of life and Filipinos loves variety whether it’s local food, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or even Mediterranean, we indulged.

The popularity of food parks mushrooming all over the metro is a testament to that. And while there are lots of different places to eat, we can still check new ones.

For more details; please contact: 02 847 0413 /8999824.

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