WeSellIT.ph: Newest Online Flatform Promises SMBs Engaging Marketplace

WeSelllT.ph is a new dimension in online retail and marketplace that is launch today at Discovery Primea offering unique iT technical support, online software delivery and a wide product line-up.

What’s new with WeSellIT.PH compare to other flatforms is:

  • WeSelllT.ph (or We Sell l-T.), is not just another e-commerce site, it is designed to provide a growing number of Small, and Midsize Businesses (SMB’s) a more convenient and engaged marketplace for IT products.

“What’s special about this is that it is an e-commerce site Specifically for IT products and the sellers themselves are certified IT professionals that is why they really have the expertise,” said Oliver Co, WeSelllT.ph Project Manager.

What’s the good news is that WeSelllT.ph will feature lT support and consultation for products purchased from the brands. To differentiate WeSelllT.ph from other e-commerce sites.

Co stressed that WeSelllT.ph will also offer electronic software delivery or ESD, where software and product keys are directly delivered to consumers and small businesses via email.

”Nowadays, when customers buy their laptops in an e-commerce site, they still have to buy CD-ROM to install Microsoft Office and such, it is a hassle. WeSelllT.ph will have an E50 by Microsoft. When you buy a laptop or personal computer online, the website will send you an e-mail with the product key for either Microsoft Office, AutoCad or Microsoft Cloud. You don’t have to go to the store personally. You simply click and buy,” Co said.

Customers will experience ease in purchasing online via WeSelllT.ph. Customers can create an account, and have to log-in with a password, select the products to purchase, enter the desired quantity and click ”add to Cart” and review the items in the shopping cart. Click another button to agree with the terms of service and customers can go on and checkout.

Purchase process also depends on the products customers are buying, some may require additional information to properly process the order. The next step would be to enter the buyer’s shipping address, choose its desired payment method and the last one is to enter the payment details to complete the transaction.

Co revealed that development of the e-commerce site took them almost a year and assured customers the quality and authenticity of the products to be sold on WeSelllT.ph.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of products being offered at WeSelllT.ph Co also shared that only accredited resellers of WSl will be accepted as sellers.

For payments, WeSelllT.ph’s shipping fee will range from P150 to P350 depending on the delivery address if it falls within standard dimensions of their shipping partners.

For odd sizes items, shipping fee will be estimated accordingly. Customers can pay through Visa, Mastercard, DragonPay, Bancnet or through payments made in convenient stores like 7Eleven.

WeSelllT.ph will initially carry 14 brands offering all the best and affordable lT products from around the world.

For more details; please visit their website at www.wesellit.ph.


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