How to Rotate a PDF Permanently and Temporarily

For computer savvy, PDF is just easy as 1-2-3 but for beginners let’s share how to rotate a PDF permanently and temporarily.

After converting your document into a PDF, you find out that there are a few pages that are in the wrong orientation. Your scanner software can only convert the scanned document to PDF and does
not have any other editing function.
How to Download PDF permanently and temporarily
Therefore, you will have to use other programs to change the page orientation.
To get the pages right, you can use Microsoft Word to rotate it. In Page Layout, you must click on the Margins drop down menu. The Page Setup dialog box will pop up on your screen and you must select either landscape or portrait. In the Apply to drop down menu, you must choose the Selected Text option.
Finally, you must click the OK button to apply the rotation to the document.
Another method is to use the online PDF rotate tool to rotate the PDF document. However, it will take time to upload a document online. If you have 1,000 pages in the wrong orientation, using the online PDF rotate tool will not be the best option. This is because online tool usually has restriction on the number of times you can upload a document and the amount of bandwidth you use on their server.
If you need to batch rotate a lot of pages, you will need to buy a PDF rotate tool like Movavi PDF Editor. First of all, you must load the PDF by dropping it into the file zone. When it is open, you will see the PDF cover art in thumbnail in the file drop zone. Then, you must click on it to view all the pages in it. To rotate a document permanently, you must go to the Pages mode.
In Pages mode, you can selectively choose the pages by clicking with your mouse or pressing Ctrl + A to select all the pages. After that, you must press the Rotate button so that the page will be
rotated. Doing this will rotate the page 90 degree by right. Finally, you must go to File and choose Save to save the changes.
It could also be that you want to rotate the page temporarily to read the information from it.
For example, you have a PDF that contains a table in horizontal orientation. To make it easy for you to
read the table, you must rotate it to a vertical orientation. You can go to the View mode and right click on the page to choose a rotation option. In the right click menu, you can rotate left by 90
degree, rotate right by 90 degree or rotate 180 degree.
The rotate feature in the View mode is to be used for rotating a document permanently. Even if you save the PDF after rotating it in View mode, it will not appear rotated when you open in a PDF
viewer again. If the text is not big enough for you to read, you can drag the zoom in slider on the bottom right to the right to increase the text size.


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