Get A Hassle Free Gift Giving with GCash

The holiday rush and the upcoming SEA Games are not a good mix. It portends monster traffic jams, skyrocketing Grab fares and stressful commutes around the metro. So, what can you do about your long list of Christmas gift ideas?

Before you dash to the stores and bazaars to complete your list, arm yourselves with tools like a digital mobile wallet that can make last-minute shopping at this time of the year tolerable and enjoyable. Because doing holiday errands can really be unhealthy sometimes.

To save trips to the banks and for quicker transactions at check-out counters in malls, download the GCash app to your mobile phone. GCash has convenient and easy money transfer features that will make Christmas shopping faster, secure and hassle-free.

With GCash, you can cash-in money from your savings account or debit card without enduring long lines in traditional banks. All you need to do is link up your bank accounts to your GCash app. It takes less than 10 minutes to accomplish this—a far cry from the hours wasted in traffic on your way to the bank
GCash also has hundreds of merchant partners where you can buy Christmas gifts with the ease of the app.

If you decide to forgo Christmas shopping to avoid being stuck in traffic and paying expensive Grab rides, GCash also allows users to send money gifts to loved ones and friends through its novelty feature, the virtual Ang Pao.

With Ang Pao, you can send any amount of cash to another GCash user instantly and securely. You can even add a personal touch too by choosing a design and attaching a short message to it. The money will be returned to your wallet if not claimed by the recipient within 72 hours.

GCash also gives money senders a little room for creativity with its Send With A Clip feature. You can choose a theme from a wide selection of designs to complement your money transfer message. You can also send with a photo, a video or voice recording.

With GCash, there’s a lot of options for an easier, stress-free Christmas gift-giving!


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