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5 Skincare Habits You Should Start in 2020

Now that we’re entering 2020, it’s the perfect time to start new a new skincare regimen to get your skin looking better than ever. No matter your goals, be they getting naturally glowing skin or reducing fine lines, we’re here to help. Just keep the following tips in mind:

1. Keep your routine simple

If your skincare routine includes buying a ton of products and you’re starting to get overwhelmed, sometimes it’s a good idea to stick to the basics. When your life gets too busy, a key skincare habit to maintain according to Bustle is to simply wash your face in the morning and at night with a gentle cleanser. Hanna Naranjo, an Esthetician at Haven Spa NYC, explains that this is especially key after workouts: “Rinse your skin immediately after exercising, all of that salty sweat is toxic waste that can cause breakouts.”

2. Research all the products you use

With the plethora of skincare products currently available on the market, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your chosen products aren’t overly harsh and don’t include any harmful ingredients. In Pretty Me’s review of the popular AR Vitamin E Cream, they explain that regardless of how popular a product is, you need to determine whether a product is actually safe for you to use. If you’re unsure, you can always consult with a dermatologist or other health professional. They also advise that you research each ingredient listed by the manufacturer and to make sure that you test for any allergic reactions.

3. Avoid touching and picking at your face

If you have a bad habit of constantly touching your face, maybe it’s the main culprit behind your regular acne outbreaks. To break this habit, Allure suggests consciously stopping yourself or finding a substitute behavior to replace it once you’ve realized that it’s happening. Although it may seem like relatively harmless behavior, the oils and germs on your hands and fingers can clog pores, which can then lead to breakouts. Even worse, picking at your face allows the bacteria to penetrate below the skin layer, so when you have to touch your face, it’s best to ensure that your hands are freshly cleansed.

4. Conduct patch tests when buying new products

If you’re a beauty junkie who loves stocking up on the latest and greatest products, chances are you probably rush home after your shopping spree to try out that latest serum or moisturizer. However, it’s a good idea to conduct a patch test before you incorporate any product into your routine to avoid any allergic reactions. Glamour suggests applying the product to a small patch of skin and waiting for 24 hours for any sign of redness, swelling, and itching.

5. Use sun protection

As previously mentioned in our discussion of ‘5 Seasonal Skincare Tips’, you should always wear sunscreen. If one of your goals is a blemish-free complexion, sunscreen can help prevent discoloration and dark spots from occurring in the first place. In addition, harmful UV rays cause premature aging of your skin, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Most skincare products are geared towards halting the process of aging, so if you want to go easy on your wallet in the future, you better start wearing sun protection today!

If you keep these tips in mind while shopping for skincare, you’re sure to start and end this year with an Instagram-worthy complexion.


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