Lifestyle Influencers and their Popularity in the Influencer Marketing Industry

In 2020, Facebook hit 2.4 billion monthly active users, while Instagram has 1 billion. In that same year, Twitter hit 145 million daily active users.

This immense growth of social media gave rise to the so-called lifestyle influencers who are gaining popularity in the influencer marketing industry. These lifestyle influencers typically reflect their individual attitudes, way of life, values, or world view on social media and blogs. A lot of brands are collaborating with them to denote advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.

Who exactly is a lifestyle influencer?

Just about anyone can be a lifestyle influencer. If you have an account or page that is dedicated to posting a variety of content, ranging from food to #ootd’s, to upcoming travel plans, you can be one.

Lifestyle influencers share a broad variety of contents about family, home travel, beauty, food, makeup, hobbies, fashion and so much more in their accounts, which are centered around and inspired by their personal lives.

As the three major social media platforms continue to explode in popularity so does the visibility and reach of lifestyle influencers as they attract a large, engaged audience due to the great content and voice of the creator.

Basically, lifestyle influencers are simply documenting their daily lives – be it a trip to a famous amusement park with their kids, a new hobby they’re trying out, or the challenges of juggling a busy professional life. But what they posting on social media is very appealing to brands because they have such tailored content, and they attract a very specific audience.

These lifestyle experts share the good, the bad, and the ugly without trying to gloss over any of it. That candid look into their daily life makes them incredibly relatable and authentic accounts that aren’t just about breadth but also plenty of depth and of honesty showcasing the reality in the world.

The reason these accounts attract such a large following even though they don’t have a clearly defined niche is that they have impeccable taste. The relatability and authenticity that are a hallmark of lifestyle influencers create something invaluable: trust with their audience. They attract their followers because of their unique style and beautifully shot content. As a result, these accounts become go-to places for ideas, tips, and inspiration. More so, they build a community of thousands of people that also hope to emulate their lifestyle.

Lifestyle influencers are incredibly versatile accounts to work with which makes them the perfect partners for just about any brand. Since they have a wide-ranging audience, these accounts are great for helping the brand gain exposure and reach the target market.

Lifestyle influencers though they have an angle, don’t have a niche which made brands realize that lifestyle influencers make amazing, well-rounded partners. In fact, in one 2016 survey from, 48% of marketers said that a lifestyle expert is currently the most in-demand type of influencer they’re looking to work with.

Lifestyle influencers are indeed the new brand endorsers and ambassadors that are viable and affordable choice for marketers looking to leverage massive, engaged audiences through organic content for several reasons.


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