My Top 5 Ways on How to Reduce Stress

All of us experienced stress. Right now, how you deal with stress? You just drink alcohol so you will forget it? Travel and forget your problems?

I listed below my Top 5 ways on how to reduce stress.

Meditation – I usually do meditation when I’m stressed like I had a long day at work. Instead of me chatting with my colleagues, I just sit down and reflect on what happened that day. Also, don’t forget to have a balanced diet and enough sleep.

Prayer – I often find myself thinking, why Heavenly Father always giving you obstacles and trials that are so hard? You tried to be obedient but sometimes at the end of the day, you will receive worst than expected.

Listening to Music – When I worked the night shift before in one call center in Makati. During lunchtime, I just listen to music like Reggaeton and RnB genres. It is my outlet to release my stress after your long day talking to your customers over the phone.

Travel – Before the pandemic, I usually travel even outside Metro Manila for a day or two just to be relaxed and reduce stress. Sometimes with my friends or if I preferred to be alone, I see to it that I will enjoy my stay and once I go back home – with a fresh mind and ready to embrace the new mood.

Playing Games – I remember my childhood days, the weekend is exciting if you’re with your friends and all of you are playing games. From the typical “sungka” (a popular game here in the Philippines that involves dropping small stones or cowrie shells into large holes on a long canoe-shaped board) to “Chinese Garter” (another famous Filipino game that requiring flexibility, balance, and coordination).

Over the 100 Free Games online; I have 2 games that I usually play because I’m a fanatic of Star Ways and Mickey Mouse. What I love about this site – the command is so easy to follow.

From playing physically and because of this internet era – people find ways to play and you can even play without your friends beside you. Playing games virtually can also release your stress. Now, In my free time, I’m just doing this! You can check also some of their newest games at


A barefoot marathoner who loves to cook, loves to travel and chocolate maker. Web content writer and blogger as her hobby. Customer Service Representative by profession and licensed insurance advisor.

One thought on “My Top 5 Ways on How to Reduce Stress

  • As true that we’re different, we’ll also have different way to release the stress.
    For my part my top 5
    1. sport
    2. make love
    3. cooking
    4. past time alone to meditate
    5. listen music


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