Leo Ortiz of Rising Dragon Beauty and Wellness Corporation for Asia Leaders Awards inside Embassy of Singapore

Leo Ortiz, the Founder and CEO of the Rising Dragon Beauty & Wellness Corporation was honored at Asia Leaders Awards inside Embassy of Singapore.

Who would have thought that a cum laude nursing graduate would end up selling beauty products instead of landing in a hospital to pursue his career in his chosen profession? And would eventually be a CEO of his own company at a very young age?

The Rising Dragon

Unable to find a nursing job after graduation, He joined a network marketing group instead but after two years, he did not earn much. Armed with perseverance and his learnings from this experience, and his realization of great opportunities in marketing, he jumped into another venture.

He got his first million selling contact lenses! And this was the start of his successful entrepreneurial journey. He had his share of business ventures which failed, but it never deterred him from pushing forward and looking for next opportunities.

Leo now directly oversees 50 employees and hundreds more in various industries, including beauty, resort and restaurant management, skincare services, and wellness. Ortiz also owns and runs The Oia-Santorini and Kai resorts as well as Elite Contact Lens, Gluta Spa, and Beauty Vault.

With his string of successes, Leo did not fail to give back to the community. He shares his blessings by outreach projects most especially during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Asia Leaders Awards is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and just recently held its ceremony inside the Embassy of Singapore.

Asia Leaders Awards continues to be an avenue where business leaders are recognized for their outstanding efforts to make their companies shine while giving back to the community through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

It is only the recognition giving body whose awards committee is composed of high profiled and respected leaders from different organizations and embassies. Its main objective is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub and destination in Asia.

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