Victoria Court and The RATH Foundation help the Peter Project

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Victoria Court, together with the Rath Foundation recently donated 10 fiberglass-motorized boats to the fishermen from Palo, Leyte, who lost their livelihood because of the Super Typhoon Haiyan that destroyed provinces in the Philippines last November 2014.

The program is called the Peter Project. Named after St. Peter the Apostle, a fisherman before he was called to be a “fisher of men”, the Peter Project helps give fishing boats to families that are in dire need of a livelihood to survive. Each beneficiary is carefully handpicked and properly guided about handling their boats, running their business, maintaining their livelihood even after the boats are turned over. They even send the donors monthly reports of the performance of the beneficiaries. The project not only builds boats but also teaches the fishermen to survive and live.

Aside from the livelihood the program brings, the Peter project by the NVC Foundation includes in the donation the following:

  1. Environment conservation training for fishermen.
  2. Providing the beneficiary household with daily Mingo meals for six months (visit program for more information about Mingo).
  3. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the fishermen beneficiaries to ensure that the boat is truly serving its purpose of sustaining his livelihood.

This is truly an advocacy close to the RATH Foundation and Victoria Court’s heart.  We believe in helping give livelihood programs to families that deserve second chances at life especially after going thru the pain of losing everything. We hope and strive to share that rainbow after the rain.

For more information about the Peter Project and how you can help visit their website at


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