Spotify Reached Over 40 Million Across 56 Markets Worldwide


The world most popular music streaming service, Spotify recently announced that its user base has reached over 40 million across 56 markets worldwide.

Spotify also acquired 10 million paying subscribers since its launch in 2008. There are over 1.5 billion playlists available, collectively creating or updating over 5 million playlists each day. Spotify revealed that with more than 235 million streams, the most streamed song of all time is Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.”

The most streamed male artist of all time is Eminem, followed by David Guetta, who is also the most followed artist. In the female category, Rihanna tops the list as the most streamed female artist next is Katy Perry.

Here in our country, we enjoy free access to Spotify, which also offers the most extensive selection of OPM songs, via GoSURF, Globe’s mobile internet plan that offers megabytes (MB) of data consumable per kilobyte. Customers on GoSURF can enjoy free access to Spotify without worries as usage of the app will not consume allocated MBs for every GoSURF data plan.

Prepaid subscribers can register to:

  • GoSURF10 for as low as P10 for 10MB of data plus access to Spotify for an entire day.

Postpaid customers can subscribe to:

  • GoSURF299 for as low as P299 for 700MB of data plus access to Spotify Premium for 30 days.

Tattoo Prepaid customers can avail of  GoSURF50 for as low as P50 for 250MB of data plus access to Spotify for 3 days.

Tune in for the latest songs on Spotify now!


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15 thoughts on “Spotify Reached Over 40 Million Across 56 Markets Worldwide

  • I’m not really into music app but Spotify looks interesting. I will check this out! Thanks for sharing the info 🙂

    • Hi Riza,
      Sure, you can check and try Spotify. Check the difference with other apps.

  • Wanderer Juan

    Wow! Spotify is this big already. I haven’t tried their app yet but I know friends who have, they really find it useful!

    • Yes Wonderer Juan!
      Spotify is big now! No wonder since apps today easily generated and useful 😉

  • I’ve been planning to install spotify since it’s more efficient than keeping your own playlist.

    • I agree Franx. Spotify is easy to install and efficient. You should try it now.

  • Wow! I didn’t know that its been running since 2008. I just tapped it 2 weeks ago, and I am happily loving it!

    • Congratulations Janine because you love Spotify. Hope for more latest features soon.

  • Spotify is really a cool app. We are using it and playing songs every day. In the office though, we prefer the desktop version instead so we don’t have to pay for mobile data hehehe.

    • Looks like your an avid Spotify user. Thanks for using it.

  • I love Spotify!!!! I use this all the time. I am not a fan of their ads though.

    • Ads are everywhere 😉 You can ignore them. I’m a Spotify addict now.

  • I know Spotify before but I don’t know that it’s a website for downloading music. Congratulations! 🙂

    • Hi Jonas,
      Yes it’s a website 😉 download your favorite songs now.

  • When I claimed back my tablet, I will try the service. Listening to music is a good stress reliever.

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