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With my Mama Norma and my brother Norfred during his graduation. My brother graduated Bachelor of Science in Criminology (year 2011) from the help of our mother who is in-charge in a school canteen (canteen head) while my brother was a working student that time.

Everyone have their favorite superheros, favorite cartoon characters or even their favorite pets or foods. Posted their photos in social media and of course we are proud of them. Reminiscing the time when I was in grade school; where my grandparents are the one who assisted us because my parents was working here in Manila while me and my 2 brothers are in Surigao del Sur.


This is my mother “Norma”, a wonderful woman who strive for the best of her 3 children where his husband past away 16 years ago. She raised her children from being a lady guard and when she retired from the age of 55, she accepted the offer to be a school canteen head. Norma loves to cook especially adobo, tinola and kare-kare. Her eldest child was “Diana Rose”, a working student way back in college and take the PGMA – President Macapagal Arroyo Scholarship program at the same time a scholar in Polythechnic University of the Philippines – Taguig Campus.

Being  the eldest is hard and all she think that time was strive for the best for her family and save money for their future. When she graduated her college last April 2006, she sustain their financial needs and had a stable job.

Everything that time was good since “Diana Rose” 2 brothers are in college and can help now their mother financially and as a family – they see to it that their mother is safe, away from any kind of danger. But not when the time that their mother “Norma” was sick. They went to the hospital for a check-up and the doctor said that there some kind of a “virus” entered in their mother’s body. “Norma” starting to be thin and always coughing. They always follow the dosage what the doctor prescribe them but nothing happen.

“Norma” still silent until her last breath and she didn’t even told their children what is the real decease she had. Her mother was diagnosed of breast cancer and bravely fight for it on her own. Your “mother” is your everything. You owe your life to her; your breath, part of your genes and the attitude you have now. What your parents teach you when you’re young, you will inherit it until you will grow.

So be thankful for your parents; if you have your mother or your father or both parents are still alive until now. Express how much you love them before it is too late. In my case, I’m the mother and the father to my 2 brothers now. Sacrifice and love are always together like partners in life. I know that my family will be together forever and proud to have them because they taught us how to value the people we love.

mama pena

With my “Mama Pena”, my mother’s sister who is always there for us. She is a second mother to me. Whenever I visit Cebu, I always at their house. The last time we visited Cebu with my own family was July 2014. Grateful to have extended family that is very helpful and kind.

Today, I’m married and bless to have one 7 year old boy. Happy and contented being a full-time mother by morning and and call center agent by night. We always visited my parents in the cemetery and celebrate their special days.

My brotheir “Norfred” will enter the PNP training next week and my youngest brother “Randy” is working in a private company now. We see to it that once in a while, they visit our place or we go their houses and mingle.

Thank you for reading! Ciao 🙂


A barefoot marathoner who loves to cook, loves to travel and chocolate maker. Web content writer and blogger as her hobby. Customer Service Representative by profession and licensed insurance advisor.


    • Thank you Mommy Joy!
      It takes me 3 hours to write this article. I cried while writing this. I miss my mama so much.

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