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Step-by-Step Guide to Moist Glowing Skin by Jergens Girl Hillarie

Silky-smooth, moisturized skin is not just attractive, it is also healthy. No matter what a woman’s age, supple skin can be achieved with a faithful skincare regimen. Good habits, the right moisturizing products and desire to have moist, glowing skin happen will result in dramatic changes to the quality of skin with regular use. Women of all ages can develop greater confidence and a better sense of self when their skin feels soft and moist says Hillarie.


“You can’t stay young forever, but you can control the factors that accelerate the aging process and flaunt young, beautiful skin for the longest time. “Develop good habits. Nix the bad ones. Start by avoiding too much sun exposure, ditch cigarette smoking, eat good food,, drink lots and lots of water and don’t stress yourself, unnecessarily,” she added.

Long, hot showers tend to remove the skin’s moisture and wash away the protective oils, she shares. That’s why she advises women, even when they’re still in their teens, to “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”.


Hillarie shares a step-by-step skin care regimen that will take care of skin from sunup to sundown:

1.   Moisturize immediately after a warm shower. When the skin is damp, the moisturizer can better seal in the moisture.
2.    Start moisturizing from the shoulder down.
3.    Don’t forget the arms and especially the hands. Hands have very few oil glands so they become dry and get chapped easily.
4.  Give legs and thighs special pampering. These are the areas that need to be silky smooth and well-moisturized.
5. The best time to moisturize is actually at night, after you take your bedtime shower. Skin renews its cells while we sleep so skin is most receptive to the benefits of moisturizers at this time. Always get sufficient sleep to lay the inner foundation for glowing skin, she reminds everyone.

“Here’s an idea. Pour your favorite moisturizer into several small containers and place them in places where you can easily access them. Toss one inside your bag, keep one in the car, save one for your work desk and place one by your bedside table. Apply moisturizer whenever you can. Your skin will love the pampering and respond in kind,” she swears.


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