5 Insights I Learned from Robert San Luis: Author of Wealth Without Wall Street

In every success, there is/are rule(s) that we need to follow for us to get what we have. I’ve met Mr. Robert San Luis; author of the Wealth Without Wall Street – Seven Keys To an Early Retirement and his success formula: Quality Information + Ability to Act + Speed of Action = SUCCESS

Learned from him about the formula to be successful; what should you do and the perfect timing.

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Posted by Dianne's Insights on Friday, March 10, 2017

  1. The first key to investing is to seek superior information and act swiftly. – We are all awash in data, information, marketing messages from radio, TV, internet, print media and social media. We do not need more information, we need better, higher quality information to achieve our desired outcomes – whatever they may be.
  2. The key to successful investing is to make your personal finances a priority. – You need to figure out how much you are spending each month. You need to project your financial needs, including living expenses, projected health care expenses, taxes and more. Create a plan to reduce or eliminate debt.


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