During the media event last May 11 held in Holiday Inn Makati; UPL – the 10th largest agrochemical company in the world, discussed about the farmers’ safety as well as their products and benefits.

This kind of awareness is one of their ways of fulfilling their corporate responsibility not just within the business but also to the environment and the people. Speakers discussed the benefits of their products as well as the benefits to the farmers and their consumers.

About UPL

UPL is a leading global producer of crop protection products, specialty chemicals, intermediates and other industrial chemicals.

Some of their products are:

  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • fungicides
  • rodenticides
  • fumigants

UPL is also awarded as one of the Top 50 Most Caring Companies in 2014 and it is visible by the extension of their responsibility to their employees, farmers, non-farmers and to our environments.

As what their business line says – “Everything they do is not just for business because UPL’s core is Doing Things Better. Good thing to know that business like this don’t focus only on their brand but also to the welfare of the people who uses their products.

I hope more companies will have the same agenda on what will be good or best for our environment and not just telling their consumers what their products can do us.


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