5 Do’s and Don’ts on Having Your Own Car

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Since college days; I wish to buy my own car and now – this plan is almost reality. I want to make sure that setting goals and plan are final first before getting the car I want.

I listed some information that will make you plan if you want to buy a brand new car or a second hand car.

Good side

  1. You can visit any places you want and not waiting for a driver or (Uber or Grab) to fetch you.
  2. No hassle since you handle your time.
  3. Price varies depends on what brand and model of car you purchased. Chances of paying cash or installment thru bank.
  4. I love the idea of paying in bank even the interest is a bit high unlike cash – yes, you can pay cash if you have enough money (right)? 🙂
  5. Insurance is a plus since buying it first hand.

Bad side

  1. If you have plan of disposing or selling your car since you want another brand or model – the selling price will be lower (if you will be a second handed car).
  2. (Some) cars needed improvement on accessories, tires and so on.
  3. In this traffic era; I’m now thinking to enroll in a motorcycle class so that in case traffic jam may occur. I have alternatives.

Whatever decision you will come up; it’s up to you. Don’t rush yourself to buy things that you may regret in the future.


Money and time are always a good tandem – because you need money to buy a product and time to decide if you want it now or later.

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