Big Boss Cement Press Launch

Big Boss Cement, Inc. (BBCI), held a press launch last January 11, 2018 at the Green Sun Hotel. This is a 100% Filipino-owned company guided by leading edge research and development, officially announces its entry into the local cement market. It has invented a revolutionary cement manufacturing process that results in stronger structures and the most environment-friendly cement in the world today.

With Mr. Ishmael Ordonez, PhD and Mr. Gilbert S. Cruz, Big Boss Cement Inc. (BBCI) President

Instead of importing cements,  why not make one here in our country.

What’s good about Big Boss Cement, Inc. (BBCI)?

  • BBCI new technology does away with more than century-old system of mining materials such as clay, limestone, sand and shale, and heating them inside a kiln at around 1500 °C.
  • This old process produces heavy carbon dioxide emissions, which is why the cement industry to date accounts for around 5% of harmful C02 emissions in the world.
  • Its patent-pending manufacturing process makes use of readily available raw materials, such as lahar and does not require excessive heat in order to produce high quality products.
  • Has a laboratory at the heart of the City, fully equipped with a mini dryer, mini mill, XRF Machine and a Flow table, Compressive Machine, among others, to ensure the continuous pursuit for the true green cement.
  • Their testing facility has the potential to produce 5,000 bags per month.

Here is the glimpse of the Press Launch.

Their first products, the Big Boss Cement Type 1P: Reduced clinker. Super tough. Eco friendly will be available in the market in March 2018.

To know more about Big Boss Cement Inc, please visit their website at


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