3 Things Why I Love Barlico

Hello Mommies! What are the factors you consider in choosing your coffee or chocolate drinks?

I have 3 factors listed below that might be helpful in choosing what to drink as a substitute for your coffee or chocolate drink.

As a fulltime mom who loves chocolate and coffee; there are many reasons we need to consider in buying and choosing coffee products.

1. Price

Price is one of the factors I check before buying a product(s). There are many coffee in the markets that are overpriced because of the name of product but taste is good.

2. Product Benefit(s)

The good thing about Barlico – for their coffee; it is an instant coffee substitute with barley and chicory that are good for our health. Nutrition facts on their products includes sodium, carbohydrates and protein.

3. Convenience

Their products are handy and convenient which you bring it wherever you are. I love their chocolate (stick) or sachet design that I can actually make it up to 2 servings.

I’m already using Barlico products for 3 weeks now. Even at home or at my work which I need it to make me awake since I’m working graveyard shift as a call center agent. No harmful effects as I observe unlike other products that sometimes I fell nervous or even that palpitate feeling strikes.

Good thing I discovered Barlico. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even my son love the chocolate taste and it is best also as “baon” too.


A barefoot marathoner who loves to cook, loves to travel and chocolate maker. Web content writer and blogger as her hobby. Customer Service Representative by profession and licensed insurance advisor.