Creamline Cool Smashers x Rebisco Family Support their Rally for their Volleyball League (PVL) trophy

Creamline Cool Smashers enjoy Rebisco family support as they make their rally for the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) trophy, a sea of pink cheered them on.

Watching the PVL match live is just one of the snack-food giant’s various employee engagement activities and programs designed to promote the Rebisco core values and “good vibes” among its 7,000 people spread out across its numerous offices, manufacturing plants, and distribution hubs.

Over 800 Rebisco employees came to support the Creamline Cool Smashers during the PVL opening.
In photo (back, L-R): Alyssa Valdez, Coleen Bravo, Risa Sato, Rizza Mandapat, Kuttika Kaewpin, and Ivy Remulla; (front, from L-R): Michelle Gumabao, Julia Morado, Alex Cabaños, Jema Galanza, Nikolina Asceric, Melissa Gohing, and Kyla Atienza

Clad in Creamline’s signature pink, over 800 Rebisco employees invaded the San Juan sports arena to show their all-out support for their very own company team. The proud cheerleaders included members of the snack-food giant’s production department. Seeing their own Cool Smashers team up close and live is a huge morale boost for sports-loving Rebisco employees.

Creamline Cool Smashers
In photo (back, L-R): Ivy Remulla, Coleen Bravo, Rizza Mandapat, Michele Gumabao, Nikolina Asceric, Alyssa Valdez and Jema Galanza; (front, L-R): Pau Soriano, Risa Sato, Kyla Atienza, Julia Morado, Alex Cabaños and Melissa Gohing

“Everyone was thrilled to watch the Creamline Cool Smashers in action,” shared Noric Ng, Rebisco VP for Operations. “They were so impressed by how the team performed and to this day, everyone’s still talking about their favorite plays by Alyssa Valdez, Michelle Gumabao, Mel Gohing, and our imports Kuttika Kaewpin and Nikolina Asceric.”

Nurturing brand advocates from within

In 2015, Rebisco— a homegrown Filipino company and one of the market leaders in well-loved confections, snacks, and food products—launched its very own employee engagement program titled “Love Ko, Rebisco.” This program aims to transform its people from employees into brand advocates, with all activities, including information campaigns, contests, and internal promotions cascaded across executives, factory personnel, and distributors. Rooted in brand love and loyalty, the program has successfully imbibed not only company culture among Rebisco employees, but also empowered them to act as Rebisco ambassadors among their own social circles.

Apart from the ‘Love Ko, Rebisco’ program, the company has also invested in leadership and coaching seminars and brand management training programs to promote a culture of learning and development for its employees. Rebisco has empowered its people to achieve more within and outside the company offices and factory walls through relevant knowledge and skill sets.

The company has also launched its very own Rebisco University in partnership with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Center for Continuing Education. This diploma program integrates core and new knowledge, builds competencies, and develops skills to empower key employees to advance their leadership and strategic capabilities.

“Our comprehensive employee engagement programs are a manifestation of Rebisco’s love for its people. As Rebisco celebrates its 55th anniversary this year, our people—and the rest of the nation—can expect more exciting things to come and more heartwarming, more memorable experiences to share with each other,” Ng concluded.

Meaningful rest and recreation are also important to develop well-rounded employees, which is why Rebisco also regularly organizes activities to add joy in their people’s daily lives. The annual summer outing provides Rebisco employees a chance to bond with their colleagues in a more relaxed setting.



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