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BellaVita Homes: With Serene and Safe Community

Come close with serene and safe community in BellaVita Homes.

I’m an elementary teacher for more than 30 years, and all my children had finished
their studies and have their own family now. Before I retire from teaching, I wanted to invest in real estate in our hometown in Laguna because we wanted to spend our retirement away from the busy life in Metro Manila, so I searched about affordable house and lot for sale in Laguna. Luckily, one of my co-teacher told me that they bought a house in BellaVita and that I should try to look at a house and lot in there.

As I browse through their website (, I read about the details and contact some of the agents. They helped me with everything, from the process of requirements through acquiring the deed of sale. Integrating our life in the bellavita community is seamless and we can develop a friendship to the other residents like the other retiree across our home or the starting family next door. My wife also has new friends that go to the market and shares her recipes with.

To sum up everything, we enjoy living out the rest of our days with the quiet life of
living within a safe community of BellaVita homes with our children visiting us and our neighbors who are very kind to us.


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