UPL Philippines Inc. Natural DT Launch

Last November 27, 2020, UPL Philippines Inc. launched “Natural DT Walang Kiti-Kiti, Walang Kati”; virtual launch aim to share to the public and to have awareness about mosquito and how to fight against dengue, Yellow fever and even the Chikungunya disease.

The event hosted by Miss Earth 2015 Beauty Queen Angelia Ong and Marvin Angeles of UPL Philippines.

Worry no more because now #NatularDTLaunch introduces spinosad based larvicides for public health vector control against dengue mosquito.

What is Natular DT?

Natular DT is a mosquito larvicide crucial in the fight against Dengue, Yellow fever, and
Chikungunya diseases. It is unique because of it’s naturally derived active ingredient: Spinosad. It’s a class of its own compared to other existing larvicides with a distinctive mode of action that helps fight resistance. Natular DT is also safe for the community because it is naturally derived.

At the said launch; some of the speakers shared their insights about Natural DT; how we fight about the diseases we can get from mosquitoes and a lot more.

What is Spinosad and what are the benefits we can get?

Spinosad is derived from naturally occurring soil bacterium that balances efficacy and environmental stewardship. It is classified as Group 5 insecticide by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) and it is the only active ingredient classified in Group 5 used for mosquito control.

The benefit of this is that it has no cross-resistance with existing products, making it an excellent option for resistance management.

How does Natular DT work?

Natular DT works unlike any other larvicide. It works by altering the function of insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors that causes continuous nervous impulses that later result to paralysis and death of the larvae.

This happens through ingestion and contact with the active ingredient. Its 1st visible effects are seen within hours of application.

Optimal control is reached within 24-72 hours, sustained at very uniform levels for 60 days.

Is Natural DT Safe?

Natular DT was evaluated by the EPA and is the first Reduced Risk larvicide approved product. All ingredients of Natular DT are included in EPA’s List of Minimal Risk Inert Ingredients. As a matter of fact, Spinosad earned the EPA’s Green Chemistry Award in 1999.

Natular DT has also been evaluated by WHOPES (World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) for water container treatment in dengue control programs and is approved by the Drinking Water Quality working group for potable water.

To know more about UPL Natural DT; visit their Facebook Page at


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