5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight in 9 Days

Have you tried create your own lose weight challenge and somehow nothing change? You think there is missing in your flowchart and that’s why even you don’t want to eat much, you don’t lose weight?

I have a secret to tell and I tried to do it myself for 9 days and I challenge myself to lose weight even 3 kilos or more.

How is it possible? I listed 5 easy tips to lose weight and this is based in personal experience and check the outcome:

1. Make a Daily Meal Plan

It’s not okay to just have a list on what to eat but to make sure that you eat healthy food. This challenge have a flow chart and when you really follow what’s the instructions, you will see the results in a instant.

2. Take a Vitamins and Supplements Gradually

Some of the people who have their work out routine have their own supplements and vitamins and of course we have to take safety precautions about it. It’s not because you want to lose weight; immediately you need to take everything to your body.

3. Proper Sleep

In my case that I work as early as 5AM; I don’t have the proper sleep as what the doctor advise – sleep 8 hours or more a day to gain strength and feel good. What I did is after shift, I find time to take a nap even an hour or two to gain the energy.

4. Exercise in Your Own Speed

We are not superhuman that any moment our speed will change and immediate change will reflect. What I’m doing is a gradual exercise from 30 minutes to 1 hour – cardio and who body workout. It should not be intense but as long as you feel that your body will adopt to the changes, you can do it repeatedly and choose another combination of workout.

5. Consult a Doctor / Nutritionist

At the end of the day, even if we lose weight, we still need to consult our doctor or nutritionist and they will advise you the best vitamins, supplements and exercises.

In my case, I lose almost 5 kilos in a 9 days challenge because aside from the proper diet and exercises, there is a supplement that really cater for our body to lose weight. From 77.5 kilos in my first day of challenge, I ended up to 71.1 kilos on the 9th day.

P.S. – I highly suggest that before you take anything, consult also with your doctor. Supplement is good but sometimes our body will not adopt on it immediately.


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