The Best Neighborhoods to Live on Long Island

Long Island can be a city that speaks for itself sometimes. One thing is for certain, each neighborhood has a personality that’s all its own.

With the many places to check out, what are the best areas to live in? With neighborhoods like Jericho, Great Necks Plaza, and Kensington, you will definitely find a great place to live when looking at Long Island houses for sale.


Jericho’s population stands in the range of around 13,000 people and has stayed in that area for the past several years. With a large and diverse population, housing costs can be slightly expensive.

Even though the living costs can be costly, the area has a lot to offer those that choose to live here. Great lower schools and high schools, great postal services, and a great public library for those who have a love for reading.

You can also find sites and places like the new fire department building and the Community Bank Theatre, which was originally established in 1956 as the Westbury Music Fair. These are just a few of the things you can see when exploring Jericho.

The area is also known for having the underground railroad that runs through it. The railroad was used after the Revolutionary War to help people of color that needed assistance.

History and the surrounding area make Jericho one of the best places for you and your potential family to live while in the Long Island area.

Great Necks Plaza

Great Necks Plaza is a small suburb on the North Shore of Long Island. It has a population of around 6,700 people in it. The railroads began running through the area years ago, which transformed this place into a commuter town and has been changing ever since.

The Great Necks Plaza has a diverse population of over 1,500 families and over 3,600 households residing in the village. The area is pretty busy for how small the population is.

There are also plenty of sites to see when you’re exploring the area. Take in the history of sites like the Great Neck Plaza Sidewalk Clock or simply enjoy the fresh air at Cutter Mill Park with plenty of walking areas and parks for younger children to play.

If a small-town suburb vibe is what you are looking for with history to back it up, Great Necks Plaza will be one of the best places for you to live on Long Island.


A lot of places in the state of New York have a history in their roots. It’s the same for a historical place like Kensington on Long Island.

One of the things that makes Kensington special are the pre-war brick apartment buildings that dominate the Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue frontage including many that operate as co-ops.

The population is pretty diverse with many different ethnicities and residents that fill Kensington’s homes, but there is still a sense of community in this small area. The population is only around 5,300 people.

Kensington offers plenty of sites for its residents to enjoy. With options like Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, how can you not love living in a place like Kensington!

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