Perwoll Brilliant White: The Brand I Trust For My Clothes

Perwoll Brilliant White
School days are approaching and time to buy new clothes and uniforms for our child / children. Others will reuse the uniform they bought last year. As a mother, I make sure that uniform of my kid is clean and clear from stain.
I saw the commercial of Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent in Kris TV last few days and curious about the product so I bought some of it. I’ve search the product online to know more about it. The morning shows that not only tackles about entertainment but also giving tips in our daily routine (mommy duties) and more.
Perwoll products
The Re-new white effect of Perwoll shows the innovative formula that smoothens frayed fibers.
  • Improves light reflection and restores the glow to grayed and yellowed whites and can be renewed to its original white color within 3 to 4 washes.
  • The special formula also acts to help whites retain their vibrant brilliance without any bleaching agents.
  • It renews and protects.
  • German quality. Only product that can renew white fabrics.
To all the mommies out there, try the new variant of Perwoll and see the difference on your clothes. Perwoll products are available in groceries and supermarket nationwide.


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8 thoughts on “Perwoll Brilliant White: The Brand I Trust For My Clothes

  • Right now I’m using Surf perfume ones. I think it’s from their luxury line? They smell lovely ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe when I finish my stock of Surf, I’ll give this a shot. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • wow very nice one! haven’t tried this one and haven’t seen this around the market here in malaysia but hopefully i can try!

  • I’m using different brand for this purpose, but I’ll try this if I find in the supermarket.

  • It’s nice to use Perwoll to take care of the pureness of the color and the softness of the fabric.

  • Dexter Wines

    Perwoll is common here abroad. I love the scent of this product thatโ€™s why iโ€™m using it more than a year now.

    • Great to hear Kumiko that you will try this brand. I love the scent of this brand.

  • I’m curious about Perwoll Baby detergent. Will try this if I chanced upon it in the grocery.

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