Make Breakfast Better with Nestle Breakfast Cereals

Last May 3, Nestle Philippines hosted the event to discussed the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and encourage families to add more whole grain to their daily nutrition for a healthier future with Koko Krunch and taught us how to prepared our own breakfast cereals (and to our kids too).

                                                                           Bettina Carlos, Event Host
Tina Samaco, Country Business Manager of Nestle Breakfast Cereals in the Philippines

According to the 8th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, and the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST); most children in the Philippines are getting less than the recommended intake of whole grains and fiber.

The study, which looked at the whole grain consumption of different Filipino population groups, revealed that only 1 in 20 children consume whole grain. It also showed that, overall, 99% of Filipinos do not consume ≥48g of whole grain per day which is the US whole grain intake recommendation.

             Ece Durukan, Nestle Regional Nutrition and External Affairs Manager for Asia, Middle East and Africa



Eating whole grains = Having a Better Diet

Research showa that children and adults who regularly eat whole grains have better diet quality and higher intakes of important nutrients including fiber, B-Vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Magnesium.

Media and bloggers had a chance to made our own version of Koko Krunch, we baked and designed it.

You can add fruits to your whole grain cereal bowl to add extra vitamins and minerals in your breakfast.

                                             With the speakers and my co-bloggers and media friends.

To all the mommies out there; make sure to include nutritious foods from at least three of the four main food groups. Always choose whole grain cereal with milk and fruits for breakfast to easily achieve this!








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