Five things why I keep coming back to the Gym

Since I gained weight this past few months because of my lifestyle and work schedule; I’m back and love going to the gym not just to lose weight but to have a good lifestyle.

I’ve listed 5 things why I love going back to the gym.

  1. I’ve choose the Fitness First Platinum since it is just 5 minutes away from we’re I live so I can run or jog going to the gym and work out.
  2. I’ve got 50% off membership in Fitness First SM Aura for 1 year so I aside from good saving of money; worth the time of travel near home and work.
  3. Able to get back my ideal weight if you will control your craving and choose the right food for you. Asking my gym instructor what to eat and what ideal calories I need to intake is also one factors to consider.
  4. So aside from fitness, health and calories to check – I see to it that I will have enough sleep now because of schedule at work that usually in the night shift; I need to have like 6 to 8 hours sleep a do to maintain. (I wish I can do it now)
  5. Believe I can do all the work out at the gym; following instructions and proper nutrition is at stake.
    I have vitamins and supplements to take and nutritious food too. For sure in few more months, I will get my ideal weight and maintain it.

What’s your reason why you keep going to the gym? Share you insights below.


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