First Timer’s Guide to Manila

Manila is a place that contains a rich culture and this place is famous for hospitality, food, friendship, lifestyle and a lot of things. If you want to visit Manila, then make sure you are booking the Busuanga to the Manila air tickets.

Manila is one of the most mesmerizing tourist locations in the Philippines. There is a song called Manila, which was released during the eighties that will clearly depict the beauty that this place holds. So if you are someone who is visiting Manila for the very first time, then here is a guide for you.

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• The best part of visiting a tourist destination like Manila is you won’t have to drain your entire pocket money. It is true that the plane tickets will cost you a lot, but in order to experience the lifestyle of Manila, you won’t have to spend a lot. You can visit several cafes, museums, park and check out the entire city without draining your money. There are a lot of spots that are going to allow you to visit for free. The prices of food are also affordable.

• If you are in Manila then you can’t miss out shopping. You will find several typical brands in the typical malls and there is a different fun when you will opt for thrift shopping. One can visit the Divisoria which is the shopping district of this place. The entire mall is filled with several stores selling different items. All the items are quite affordable and you can also negotiate.

• Whenever you are visiting Manila make sure you are enjoying the nightlife of that place. You will get a lot of islands where you can enjoy some parties and enjoy the pineapple juice. Manila is no less than a little Spain. This place has a lot of clubs which you can hop into and drink. The prices of everything are so minimal that you can enjoy to the fullest without worrying about the cost.

• One of the most famous modes of transportation in Manila is the Jeepney. Every tourist must try out this transportation. You can also try out the tricycle which is also famous in this place. If you are going for a short distance then you can definitely opt for this cycle.

• When you are visiting a tropical country like the Philippines you will have to take a mini portable electric fan or a hand fan because you will experience two types of climate here. Either the weather is soaking wet or scorching hot and there is nothing in between.

• The best part of visiting Manila is if you are in any kind of problem you will get help from everyone and everywhere. Hospitality is what Manila is famous for. Even between the hustle and bustle of the streets of Manila, you will get people who will help you out with your problem.

• If you are visiting Manila then you can stay near the Poblacion area. This place is near to the district that is filled with shops, bars, restaurants, and all the convenience store and you will also get several hotels here. Do not forget to use the AirAsia Philippines promotions for extra discount. You can also find hostels which are for the backpackers.

Make sure you are keeping this point in mind whenever you are visiting Manila. In Manila, you can taste different types of dishes and you can see the influence of other countries in their dishes. Manila will not only offer you with its scenic beauty, but this place is a home to different types of tourist.


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