Staying on the job with GCash

How many of you received a memo because you’re running personal errands during work hours? Just weeks ago, a colleague got served a memo from Human Resources – it wasn’t her first.

Long before the memos, I’ve already noticed that this colleague, a mother of two, vanishes from her desk frequently for about 30 minutes to an hour. When I asked her about it, she said she always had to rush to the bank whenever her kids, who were studying in the province under the care of their grandparents, needed money.

But her intended quick trips to the bank usually stretch to an hour especially during peak hours when the lines are achingly slow and long. Her boss started noticing her protracted absence during work hours, hence the memo.

So, when she showed me her latest memo, I told her about GCash, which I’ve been using for about a year and which I told her will make sending money to her sons more convenient and stress-free. Turns out she’s heard of GCash but thought it was only for Globe users, which isn’t the case: GCash works with Smart, Sun, TNT and other carriers.

GCash has a Send Money feature which makes transferring money so easy that it requires only a few minutes and a few taps on the mobile phone to complete a bank transaction without having to leave home—or in my friend’s case, her office desk. It also works with remittance centers like Palawan Express and Western Union.

I asked her to create and verify her GCash account, which took less than five minutes. After her account was verified, she linked her debit card and bank accounts to the app so she can start cashing in money to her GCash account.

Fast forward to today, my colleague hasn’t been sneaking out of the office and has not gotten in trouble with HR.

She told me that she has been using GCash, especially the Ang Pao feature, which allows her to send the same amount of money to her children simultaneously and securely. When not claimed within 72 hours, the money is returned to her GCash wallet. She also puts a personal touch to these money transfers by selecting a design and attaching a short message for her children.

Aside from transferring money, she also found GCash convenient for paying her utility bills. It even reminds her of the due dates so she is able to pay them on time now.


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