Perfect Gifts for Our No.1 Man this Fathers Day

Gifts to our fathers this Fathers Day
In their special day, let’s rewarded our dad with something special. He’s your role model. Perhaps your first teacher, your number one protector, the first man you looked up to. He was the one who guided you on your bicycle when you finally had your training wheels off. He was the person who taught you how to do an effortless lay-up so you would not look silly in front of your third grade crush. This June, we give the lead role to the most important men in our lives—our fathers.

Father’s Day is widely celebrated in many countries. Filipinos have always held the role of fathers with high regard especially now when more fathers are becoming more hands-on with their children,” shares Philips Consumer Lifestyle General Manager, Ms. Angelia Oh.

The month of June is the perfect month to finally give back to these very important men in our lives. This time, however, we suggest forgetting the usual treat of cuff links and ties. For a nice change, make this event special with gifts from Philips that could make him create special moments instead.

Toys for the big boys

Philips Saeco espresso machine
This is not about giving your dad a new ride. This Father’s Day, aim for something a little closer to home that could help him start the day right.

Mornings aren’t always complete without a cup of coffee. More than just giving our dads something that could help start their day great, give them a gift that could make coffee time in the morning a special bonding moment as well,” says Oh.

Give dads the gift of a perfect brew with Philips coffee makers or Philips Saeco espresso machines. Bond with your father over freshly brewed coffee with either the Philips Coffee Maker with drip stop feature that easily controls coffee brewing or a Philips Saeco espresso machine that offers real bean to cup experience at just a touch of a button.

The gift of looking good

Complete your father’s day treat with something that could help these special men present themselves better in public. “Special moments call for the perfect, polished appearance,” Oh shares. “Fathers are still as busy as they are before and they need the perfect grooming partner that could help them look always ready to face the world.”

For this, the Philips range of shavers is the perfect choice you could give this special occasion. The Philips Aquatouch wet and dry electric shavers with DualPrecision blades promise a smooth and fast shave thanks to its flexible heads that adjusts to the curves of the face. Complementing this is the Aquatec wet & dry seal that offers both a comfortable and refreshing wet shave. The collection also has Super Lift&Cut blades that work to raise hairs before cutting for smooth results. No more nicks and cuts which can be quite embarrassing for those important moments.

Philips Sonicare Healthy White power toothbrush
Philips Sonicare Healthy White power toothbrush

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite power toothbrush would complement all these by helping dad maintain a dashing smile. It is proven to remove everyday stains in just two weeks, with the regular use of the Clean & White Mode and its patented sonic technology. With these features, dad is sure to have whiter teeth and healthier gums in no time.

In conclusion, Oh shares, “Our fathers have always been there with us on our special life events. This is the perfect time to give back by letting them create their own special moments either with us or on their own. Giving them gifts that could do this is the perfect way of saying, salamat po, tatay, mahal kita.”

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