3 Games Suits for All Ages

What are you doing in your free time? Aside from watching Netflix or checking your list to shop online; you can also play online games or doing workouts.

In my case that even during these pandemic times, aside from working, I still find time to do workouts and play online games even in few minutes. It will release stress and toxic from work.

I listed my Top 3 Online Games that suits all ages

1. Hidden Object Games  

If you’re curious like a detective; this hidden object game is for you. It is easy to play and for sure you will get a high score in just few minutes.

The good thing is you have a limited number of turns so if you lose, try your luck again! For each completed category of objects, you will get new turns. It is better if you try to find all objects of one category first and if you use up some of your turns across all the different categories then you will run out of turns before you complete any category.

Hidden object game levels contain:

  • 30 numbers
  • 30 roses
  • 20 swords
  • 25 crowns
  • 10 shoes
  • 10 ribbons

In this game, you start the level with 30 moves; in my case, I choose to find the swords and flowers since it is noticeable than the other objects.

2. Card Games

Card games are like gin rummy, crazy eights, euchre, hearts, etc. In this card game, I choose 21 Blitz – it is a timed logic puzzle game with a four by four grid where you try to make 21 vertically or horizontally.

If love numbers this game is for you. This is a timed 5-level game where you have to create a set number of 21 matches on each level to move on to the next one. Each level lasts 3 minutes.

On each level, you have to make one additional match. The first level requires 5 matches to beat & the fifth level you have to make 9 matches.

It contains a 4-by-4 grid and you lay cards onto it one card at a time and anytime a row or column adds up to 21 that row or column is emptied.

For me this game is interesting and if you lose here; play and try again until you win.

3. Connect 3 Games

In the Connect 3 Games, I play the Zuma Ball which has a 10-level tile-matching ball shooter game that is a fusion of Zuma and pinball. This is one of the online games I play. Inside each level, there is a finite ball chain that moves toward the end of the level.

Your job is to create sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end. Your shots can create chain reactions where moving 3 yellow balls causes 2 green balls from one side to match with a green ball from the next side and removes those as well.

This is easy to play and even kids can play this. You can shoot balls outside of the range of the ball chain to get rid of them if a color pops up you do not like.

To learn more about these online games; you can visit their website at


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