How to have a Balanced Motherhood and Preparing Your Child in Their Future

In our generation today, having one or two more children are easily to raise but how about their future? Are we ready on their education and their health? This are some of my questions too now that I have my son and afraid to have another baby because of the consequences and I am ready for their future?

Ms. Mylene Segismundo, Cluster Head of Manila 1A from Sunlife discussed on “How to Build an Education Fund”. Upon checking the monthly rate and per semester rates of some of the “highest” in tuition fees in the metro, I was is this really the rate of education in the Philippines? So how about in some middle class schools? If we mindset that our children will go to this schools, we need to prepare our ourselves and of the upcoming years.

As what Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo in one of the #SunShorts ads; that we need to prepare our children future today – not tomorrow or next month. The education of our children depends on us. We’re here to nurture and enhance their abilities.

Ms. Michelle Alignay, a Family Life Specialist talked about the Balanced Motherhood; on what are the factors we need to focus – in ourselves and also to our husband and children. She also talked about our EMOTIONS and our CHOICES to have Peace and Satisfaction or Judgement and Guilt. Meaning whatever the circumstances we have now; the results always depends on us.

Here are some of Ms. Alignay tips on Carving Your Practical Ways for Self-Care Emotions

1. During emotional Hights – PAUSE

2. Ditch the guilt

3. Choose to Love more

4. Be silly with the kids

5. FLIRT with your SPOUSE! Make your marriage matter

Isn’t good idea that even we have child / children now; you still have time and the intimacy with your spouse get stronger everyday the same with our marriage. Life won’t end being a wife if you have your children. There will be time being a mom and being a wife.

Aside from the talked, Sunlife offered Spa session to all the mommies / participants and buffet to served in the evening.

This is the first time I’ve been so relaxed since my last massage way back November 2016. Being a fulltime mom at the same time a working mom – work in graveyard shift since this is the only time I can work. Been in a BPO industry for more than 4 years and I think in less than 5 times I was pampered and relaxed and stress free. Thank you Sunlife, ABC Digital and I’M Hotel for this opportunity!


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